The following bylaws are guidelines for how interleague (IL) play will be conducted each season between all Bay County, City of Lynn Haven, City of Callaway, and City of Panama City parks participating in Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken baseball. The sole purpose for Bay County Babe Ruth games should prioritize player development.

1. GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARY: District 8 local boundaries for Bay Co. IL play have been defined as Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Jackson, and Washington Counties, FL.

2. AFFILIATIONS: All recreation parks participating in Bay County Interleague Rules shall play under Babe Ruth rules.

3. DRAFT SELECTION: A City or County Representative from each municipality overseeing operations MUST be present during draft selections for each team. 


4. TEAM ROSTERS: Each team must have a minimum of 10 players on the roster. The rosters must be filed with Babe Ruth HQ and a copy submitted to the District Commissioner prior to the 1st game of season. Exception: Fall season does not require a roster to Babe Ruth Headquarters. Mandated by each park president to implement a bring 5 players and draft the rest of the team through the park draft processes. Each president will ensure a fair and equitable draft is performed at their park. i.e., Teams moving from one park to another and coaches moving up from age division to the next age division.

5. PLAYERS PLAYING UP OR DOWN: Players playing down in an age group will not be allowed to pitch or catch throughout the season. Each park president will release information to other presidents that identify those players. Any violations of this pitch/catching rule will result in automatic game forfeit. (Example: 13yr old playing in 12U.)

6. RUN RULE: Bay County Interleague rules will allow 6 runs per team, per inning. Bay County Interleague Run Rule does not apply to the post season. Post season rules addressed in Section 15.

7. SCOREBOOKS: Official scorebooks are MANDATORY. *For 10U/12U/15U games, pitcher’s names and # of pitches Should be annotated in home scorebook and preferred to be initialed by each manager at end of game. The GAMECHANGER App is allowed in place of scorebooks.

8. EJECTIONS: Any manager, coach, or player who is disqualified from a game, will be suspended a minimum of one game per Babe Ruth Code of Conduct. Further disciplinary actions may be enforced by individual Park Presidents or District Commissioner if deemed necessary.  Umpires must report ejections to home Park President and the District 8 Commissioner within 8 hours.

9. PROTESTS: All protests are to be filed immediately with the umpire PRIOR to the end of the game. *Exception: pitching violations, coaches have one day to file in writing to their park president. The umpire has 12 hours to notify home team park president. Park president must contact visiting park’s president and resolve the issue. Only rule interpretation affecting outcome of a game.

10. LIGHTNING POLICY: Babe Ruth has partnered with WeatherBug for lightning indicated within the area. When sky to ground directional lightning is seen, discretion of the parks’ board members or umpires should clear fields. Individuals should IMMEDIATELY seek cover in a permanent building. If a building is not available, seek shelter in hard top vehicles. A minimum of 30 minutes should pass after the last seen lightning strike before returning to play. Additionally, Callaway has a lightning protection system in place (1 loud blast and the blinking strobe light indicates lightning within 7 miles – 3 short loud blasts and strobe off indicates all clear).

11. INCLEMENT WEATHER: Fields that are in no condition to play games will be informed by Park Presidents by 4pm. Park Presidents will communicate to all head coaches concerning games at that time. Additionally, District 8 Florida Babe Ruth Facebook page and Park social media pages should update with rainout information. Makeup games are up to the discretion of both teams.

12. GAME TIMES: All Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Bay Interleague games will have time limits in place All Bay County Interleague Games will start at 6:15pm. Home plate meeting between Home & Visitor Head Coaches with Head umpire will be conducted at 6:10pm. National Anthem will be played at 6:00pm. No new inning may start after 7:45pm for ages 3-12, and 8pm for Ages 13-16. Game time starts when home plate meeting is adjourned. New innings begins after last out is recorded. DURING LEAGUE PLAY, THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA INNINGS PERMITTED. Teams can finish in a tie. Leagues agreed to complete each inning, regardless of time or run rule.

13. POST SEASON: All postseason games will be played until a winner has been decided. In the event of a tie at regulation time limit, teams will participate in a Tie Breaker system. Tie Breaker resumes overtime inning with last recorded out on 2nd base and one out. Post Season will utilize official Babe Ruth Post Season Rules.

14. BATS: Ages 3-12 players are only permitted to utilize USA Baseball and wood bats. Ages 13-16 players are allowed BBCOR, USA Baseball, and wood bats. Bats must be placed outside of team dugout, with USA Baseball Stamp showing, for umpires to check. No unauthorized bats are allowed in the dugout.

            a.         8U is not permitted to use T-Ball Bats. 

15. DUAL PARTICIPATION: Is allowed however, if child is a pitcher, he/she must submit in writing to BR/CR coach # of pitches. These pitches will count against BR/CR allowable rest period limits stated on Pitch Smart Limits and rest periods. *Any child found pitching in another league and not abiding by this bylaw will no longer be able to pitch for the remainder of season and playoffs.

16. PITCH COUNT: IS in effect for local BCIL games. Follow Pitch Smart Pitching and rest periods.

17. MUST PLAY RULE: IS in effect, all players must play at least three consecutive defensive outs and all players will bat completely through the lineup. Free substitution on defense.

18. SLIDING: Sliding is permitted. However, HEAD FIRST SLIDING is strictly prohibited and will result in an automatic out. This is a safety concern and is not permitted in any age group.

19. CONTINUOUS BATTING ORDER: IS in effect, roster batting allowed in BCIL games.

20. LEAGUE PLAYOFFS: Will not be held at the end of Spring/Fall Season unless schedule allows.

            a.         In-house playoffs may be conducted after regular season for each individual league. 

21. CHARTERING: All Bay County Interleague Parks have the option to combine under one Charter, at the discretion of the District 8 Commissioner. The “umbrella” charter would allow all-star players from each park to play together on one team and compete at State Tournaments. (Example:  3 players from Southport, Hiland Park, City of Panama City, and Callaway creating one team.) Umbrella team would be formed utilizing all star tryouts conducted by Park Presidents and District Commissioner. Further details to explore or finalize “umbrella charter” will be discussed with Babe Ruth Headquarters, City Officials, and County officials.

Adopted Fall 2023/2024 Season